General Information: Terms and Conditions

Terms: Terms of the sale are cash. Each bull will be sold to the highest bidder. The Auctioneer will settle any dispute as to bids. Bulls must be paid for by the buyer before being released. Each bull will be at the buyer’s risk as soon as sold, but will be cared for by the management for a reasonable time until he is loaded.

Registration: Certificates will be transferred to the buyer at the seller’s expense.

Guarantee: WBIA will guarantee the libido of sale bulls according to the following provisions. Bulls will be guaranteed breeders by WBIA from sale day until August 1, approximately 110 days, provided the bull(s) have been properly managed & are in good health as diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian. The first $1700 of the purchase price will be considered the salvage value of any sale bull & will not be reimbursed by WBIA. WBIA will cover the sale price of any non-breeder, as determined by the pregnancy status of exposed cows; up to $3700 provided a replacement bull is purchased from any current WBIA member. Reimbursement formula used will be, Purchase Price minus Salvage Value ($1700) for a total possible maximum reimbursement of $2000. The money from this guarantee will be paid directly to the seller of the replacement bull, at the direction & consent of the buyer & the seller, & will be used to offset the purchase price of the replacement bull. Replacement bull price will be negotiated between buyer & seller. Replacement bull costs exceeding the WBIA guarantee will be paid by the buyer directly to the seller. If desired, the buyer may apply any reimbursement value toward the purchase of any bull at the next WBIA Annual Bull Sale. In this event, the reimbursement would be in the form of a credit to offset the auction price. WBIA Executive Director John Freitag &/or any Board member(s) must be notified FIRST to start the replacement process. Unforeseen conditions will be addressed by & decided by WBIA Board action. Failure to breed due to injury or exhaustion is not covered. This guarantee is not an insurance policy. Insurance is available sale day at buyers’ expense. A list of WBIA members is available from John Freitag.

Health: Bulls will be tested for TB, Bangs & Anaplasmosis only if required. Interstate health papers will be furnished on sale day. WBIA does not warrant bulls to be free of Johne’s. Any warrant is between buyer and seller.

Bids: Sealed bids may be sent to the Auctioneer, Ring men, Station Management, or any member of the WBIA Board of Directors. Sealed bids will be handled with strictest confidence. Sale day phone bids will be accepted at 1-800-297-5747. Bidding is available through DV Auction. It is recommended to register in advance for prior approval and a bidding number at (402) 316-5460 or

Announcements: Auction box announcements will take precedence over the printed materials in this catalog.

Obligation: It shall be expressly understood that all persons who attend this sale do so at their own risk. The Wisconsin Beef Improvement Association & the University of Wisconsin & its employees assume no liability, legal or otherwise, for accidents which may occur, & the terms of the sale shall constitute a contract between Buyer & Seller.

Requirements: The minimum requirements for entry into the test are 2.5 lbs of weight per day of age. Bulls, which fail to meet the minimum requirements for scrotal circumference & breeding soundness as established by the Society of Theriogeneology, have been eliminated from the sale. Structural soundness has not been evaluated because of wide differences in opinion as to what is soundness or unsoundness & will be left to the Buyer.

Ration: All bulls were fed a total mixed ration balanced with dry hay, corn silage, cracked corn, dried distillers grain and a balancer mix ad libitum, twice a day.

General Considerations: Performance testing bulls in a central test station does not improve the bulls being tested. Its purpose is to aid in identifying bulls, which are superior in growth performance. Even under the best possible conditions at a central test station, not all pre-test environmental effects can be eliminated. Therefore, small differences in measurements are not very meaningful. The only reasonable assumption is to assume that all bulls had an equal opportunity.

Post Sale: Bulls may stay at the test station for up to 20 days after the sale for a nominal charge of $5.00/day. After 20 days, the price goes to $25/day. Please indicate your intentions when you pay for your bull. During this time bulls will be fed a maintenance ration and UW-Platteville Pioneer Farm is not liable for your bulls. Livestock insurance is available the day of the sale at the expense of the buyer.