60th WBIA Central Bull Test at the University of Platteville Pioneer Farm



Bid by phone or through DV if unable to attend. Click here for more information of the sale.



The Wisconsin Beef Improvement Association has man aged an annual central performance bull test since 1957. Young beef bulls from all over the Midwest have been brought together for a performance test in an unbiased environment designed to let the best genetics shine. Over 5000 bulls from over 250 consignors have been tested. Commercial and purebred breeders from across the country as well as nationally recognized A.I. studs and have purchased genetics at the annual WBIA auction held at the conclusion of each test.

Since 1970, the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Pioneer Farm has been the home of the test. The current test is 100 days in length with a 28 day warm up period. The bulls are fed a forage based ration including corn silage and other available commodities. The goal is to promote lean efficient growth while providing adequate energy to allow individuals to express their genetic potential for gain and performance. Bulls are ultrasounded for carcass traits, evaluated for breeding soundness and made available to the public at auction on the first Saturday in April at Pioneer Farm.