The 2015-16 Wisconsin Beef Improvement Association Central Bull Test finished up last week at the UW-Platteville Pioneer Farm with final weigh days on March 9 and 10. Weights from both days were averaged for an official off test weight for final calculations. Performance was indexed by formula with the top two thirds of the candidates qualifying for the upcoming auction, Saturday, April 2, 2016 at 11:00 am at the UW-Platteville Pioneer Farm, 29124 College Farm Road, Platteville, WI. Again this year, bidding can be done in person, by phone, or through DV Auction online. Videos of all sale bulls will be posted ASAP on our website, Online bidders must pre-register with DV Auction to bid. Catalogs can be requested by phone at 608-342-1850 or 800-297-5747 or accessed online. Additional contacts are listed in the catalog.

All bulls sell with a complete set of EPDs, ultrasound carcass data, performance data, frame scores and a successful breeding soundness exam. Bidders and buyers are encouraged to use all data to find bulls specific to their needs. From calving ease to carcass, WBIA bulls all bring performance. To put the performance into context, bulls were bunk-fed a TMR mixed, high roughage ration designed to develop bulls with a target gain of 3.2 pounds per day. Intake was not limited.

We have come to expect gains beyond book values and this proved to be the case again this year. Collectively, 105 bulls averaged 3.75 pounds of daily gain with an average WDA across all bulls of 3.39 pounds. The 105 bulls to complete the test break out as follows. Seventy-one Angus bulls posted an average daily gain of 3.82 pounds for the full 100 days, with an average weight per day of age of 3.38 pounds. Ten Red Angus bulls averaged 3.38 pounds of gain daily with an average WDA of 3.27 pounds. Twenty-four Simmentals gained an average of 3.59 pounds per day with an average WDA of 3.46 pounds.

100% of the sale qualifiers out-performed the ration target. In the Angus division, 48 sale qualifiers finished with an average final weight of 1277 pounds, an average daily gain of 4.11 pounds, and an average weight per day of age of 3.49 pounds. Leading all Angus is test #33, a consignment from Biddick, Incorporated, Livingston, WI. This KG Solution son indexed 126.4 by posting average daily gains of 5.06 pounds with a WDA of 3.94 pounds and recorded a 365-day adjusted weight of 1484 pounds. Second place Angus is an AAR Ten X 7008 SA son from J&S Angus, Soldiers Grove, WI. Test #49 indexed 122.1 with an average daily gain of 4.91 pounds, a WDA of 3.73 pounds and an adjusted 365-day weight of 1443 pounds.

Seven Red Angus qualifiers had a final weight of 1176 pounds with an average daily gain of 3.64 pounds and an average WDA of 3.36 pounds. Red Angus qualifiers were lead by test #75 from Gibson Stock Farm, Elgin, IL. This Red SSS Oly 554T son had an average daily gain of 4.04 pounds, a WDA of 3.58 pounds, an adjusted 365-day weight of 1365 pounds, and a final index of 116. Right behind him with an index of 113.6 was Test #81, consigned by UW-Platteville. This Red So Line Momentum son gained 3.88 pounds daily, posted a WDA of 3.7 pounds, and a 365-day adjusted weight of 1345. Sixteen sale qualifying Simmentals averaged 3.94 pounds per day of gain, posted an average WDA of 3.55 pounds and finished with an average final weight of 1415 pounds. Top performing Simmental is test #95. This NLC Upgrade son from Double A Simmentals, Janesville, gained 4.91 pounds per day, finished with a WDA of 3.73 pounds and an adjusted 365-day weight of 1368 pounds. His final index was 124.8. Second place Simmental, also from Double A Simmentals, is test #88. This WS All-Around son indexed 122 by gaining 4.73 pounds per day, weighing 3.68 pounds per day of age, and posting an adjusted 365-day weight of 1412 pounds.